You may meet shipping fee overcharge problems when selling on Shopee. The overcharged shipping fees may affect your profit or cause you to lose money. In this article, I will let you know how to avoid the shipping fee overcharge on Shopee.


What is the shipping fee overcharge?

The shipping fee overcharge is the discrepancy between the shipping fee charged by logistics and shipping fee paid by the buyer, which means the shipping fee paid by buyer is not enough for logistics, so it needs sellers to pay it. It is an excess fee in the shipping of a package usually borne by sellers. 


Why do overcharged shipping fees happen?

When you publish products to Shopee, it is mandatory to set the proper parcel weight and dimension. If you input the incorrect package weight and dimension, it may result in additional shipping fee. Please note that you need to measure the package weight and size, not the product. For example, if it is an irregular item, it should be placed inside a regularly shaped box that can fit the item. The size of the package is much larger than the size of items. Therefore, it is very necessary to accurately measure the size of the package.

And another reason is that you didn’t calculate the packaging materials. For different types of products, you may need to use different packaging materials, and the weight and size of packaging materials are different. For example, when you sell fragile and breakable items, you need to pack properly and make sure the package and item can’t be damaged in transit. Therefore, you need to take the packaging materials in consideration.


How to prevent shipping fee overcharge?

As the reasons above, the first way to prevent overcharged shipping fees on Shopee is to accurately measure the package size and weight. You may need to measure with a professional measurement device. 

And the second way is to input a higher measurement. For example, your package weight is 1kg, it is a good idea to input 1.2kg to your product details. By doing this, you can avoid paying for the shipping fee overcharge since what the courier will be weighing won’t be the item but the entire package along with the bubble wrap and box.


How to check if you are overcharged shipping fees?

To check if you are overcharged, you can go to Shopee order details and check the shipping fee charged by Shopee and the shipping fee paid by the buyer. But it may be a troublesome thing, so I suggest you use BigSeller to check and filter the overcharged orders directly. BigSeller will calculate the shipping fee discrepancy between the marketplace charged and customer paid. You will no longer need to calculate and check manually one by one.

If you input the correct package dimension, but still are overcharged on Shopee, you can contact the Shopee support team and submit the order number and evidence. Shopee will then check with the relevant logistics partner to confirm the actual weight and shipping fee of the order to validate what the system had calculated. Once the logistics partner has confirmed, Shopee will then update the new shipping fee accordingly and your payout will be released to your seller wallet. This process of validation may take around 3-5 working days. 



Now it is a normal thing to meet the shipping fee overcharged problem, it is better to use BigSeller to check if you are overcharged. Besides, please not forget to measure your package accurately and input a higher dimension on your Shopee products.