When you start selling on Shopee or trying to build your online brand, you are probably wondering how to get more followers on Shopee. Followers represent how popular your store is, so you need to find ways to get more followers. This article will tell you 6 tips to get more followers on Shopee.


Why do you need to gain more followers on Shopee?

When buyers visit your products or shop, they will follow your shop if you are interested in your products. They are able to see your account’s activity in the form of new products, promotions, and reviews shown, therefore your followers will visit your shop when they get notice and you have a great chance to get more orders.

The more followers, the more popular your store products are. Stores with more followers also indicate that your products are of good quality to a certain extent. This social proof allows more customers to follow your store organically, which makes your business grow faster on Shopee.

Followers play an important role when selling online, the buyers will believe and be more confident to purchase from your shop, which can help you expand brand influence, get more traffic and sales.


6 Tips to get more followers on Shopee

1. Set Follow Prize
Follow prize is the first thing you need to do, it is a reward tool that helps you gain more new followers by incentivising them with customized vouchers when they follow your shop. It is a direct way to grow your follower base.

You can go to Shopee Seller Center > Marketing Center > Follow Prize, you can set the follow prize claim period and reward type. After settings, the follow prize popup will appear when your buyers visit your shop page or live streams. It will prompt customers to follow your shop and receive vouchers in return.

2. Free Shopee Bump
Shopee Bump (previously known as Boost)  is a free feature that helps you to display your products at the top of its category’s search results. Itt can improve your product’s search ranking temporarily to increase the number of views and followers.

You can bump 5 products every 4 hours, it means you have 5 slots and you need to wait 4 hours before you reuse the same slot. You can find the Bump function under the More dropdown menu. Besides, you can use BigSeller auto bump, you can add up to 30 products to Boost management, it will help you bump products every 4 hours automatically and no need to click bump manually.

3. Decorate Your Shop
Without an attractive shop page, even if customers are attracted by promotions or products for a while, they will eventually leave due to the messy design in the shop. Therefore, an attractive shop page can inspire interest in browsing shoppers who might purchase or follow your shop for new arrivals.

To decorate your Shop, Shopee provides you customized tools and templates so that you can decorate your shop page and feature your best products. You can go to Shopee > Shop > Shop Decoration, then you can start to decorate your shop.

4. Promote your shop via other social media platform
Promoting your shop via other social media platforms is a great way to find more potential followers. The customers and followers are limited on the Shopee platform, so you can add your Shopee shop link to your Instagram bio or add a Shop Now button to your Facebook page. In this way, you can get more traffic and followers to your Shopee store.

5. Stream on Shopee Live
There is another feature on Shopee that can help you get more followers soon, it is Shopee Live. Shopee Live allows you to host livestream sessions to promote your shop and products to your customers.
Customers can interact with you via chat in real time to find out more about your products and purchase directly while watching your livestream. It can help you create an enhanced shopping experience and they will follow you if your livestream content is fresh and popular.

6. Don’t forget to run Campaigns on Shopee
Shopee holds various promotional campaigns periodically, these campaigns can be joined with no cost. It is important to notice that product nominations have to be supported by some criteria or your appeal to affix the campaign could be declined.

Participating Shopee campaigns can bring you some benefits, for example, the nominated product recommendation, campaign product tags and products featured. It can help you to get more traffic and followers.