Opportunity Center is a one-stop page on Lazada seller center, it can help you find the top-selling and top-searched products. You can also upload and improve your products to boost sales with it.


Introduction to Opportunity Center

Under Opportunity Center on Lazada, you can find the top selling and top searched products. You can get 2x higher in search, 18x more product views and 2x more sales if you upload products from Opportunity Center. 
To access the Opportunity Center page, go to Lazada seller center > Products > Opportunity Center. 


Top Selling

The first tab is Top Selling products, the top selling index indicates sales of the product in the last 30 days. These top selling products are based on top searched and top selling products in Lazada and other marketplaces. 

Here, you can select categories, filter prices to search products. Also, you can sort by Top Selling index down, price up, and price down. Only Lazada Wanted means top selling products that Lazada picks. 

The number under products means the top selling index. The higher the index, the more of the items sold. 



Under the Trending tab, it shows recently trending products in each category. You can also filter products like Top Selling. The trending index indicates growth of items. The higher the index, the faster the item grows. 


How to Upload products

Under Top Selling and Trending tabs, you can click the Upload Product button to edit if your stocks are ready. After clicking Upload Product, you can fill in all required product info and publish to your store. Once uploaded, you will be able to see these products under Uploaded Products tab,

If you have not enough stock, you can click the star icon to add this product to your picklist under Top Selling and Trending tabs. These products can be easily seen under the Picklist tab. Once your stocks are ready, you can upload products from Picklist.


Benefits of Lazada Opportunity Center

1. Under Top Selling and Trending tabs, you can find popular and most searched products in Lazada and other marketplaces. You can get insights on which products you can upload to your store and how to grow your store.

2. You can upload these popular products directly or add these products to your Picklist. You can get more traffic and boost your sales after you upload these popular products to your store.

3. For products uploaded from Lazada Opportunity Center, you can get 2x higher in search, 18x more product views and 2x more sales. But you need to make sure you fill in all required info and attributes in your products, because it depends on the honey score.