If you have set the Signature key, please turn it off before authorization, otherwise cannot be authorized.

To connect your Blibli Seller account with BigSeller, you will need the below credentials- 

Please refer to the below process to get these required credentials from Blibli,

Step 1:

Login to the Blibli Seller Center.

Step 2: 
Copy the Seller ID

Click on the user profile at the top right corner of the page & select the Store Info. You can find the Seller ID in the left section as shown in screen-shot below.

Step 3: Bind BigSeller API client and Generate API seller key

API Client ID:  mta-api-easyshopnetworktechnologyhklimited-fbffa

Step 4:  Go to the BigSeller integration page, click +Add New Store, copy and paste the Seller ID and API seller key