Create Stock-Out List to remove stock

1. There are two ways to create Stock-Out List, manually create or import excel

3. The selected / filled product must already exist in the inventory list, if not, please go to the inventory list to create it first. How to add inventory SKU?
Please refer to the steps to create Stock-Out List:

Method 1: Manually create

Step 1:

Inventory > Manual Stock-Out > Click + Add Stock-Out List

Step 2:

Confirm whether to Stock-Out Immediately > Enter Note (Not required)

Step 3:

Select product > Enter Stock-Out Qty > Click Submit

Method 2: Import excel

Step 1:

Inventory > Manual Stock-Out > Click Import > Download a Template

Step 2:

After filling out the excel, click Upload File > Click Import, the system will automatically create a stock-Out list and display it in the pending list

The Stock-Out List of the pending list, you need to click to confirm Out-Stock, and the filled quantity will be remove from the inventory