On December 4, TikTok announced that it would invest more than 12 billion euros in Europe over the next 10 years to implement a data security plan called "Project Clover". The move aims to provide more than 150 million European users with stronger data protection and enhance users’ trust in the TikTok platform.

According to TikTok's statement, the investment will be used to open two data centers in Ireland and one in Norway and store European users' data locally. The construction of these data centers is a core component of the "Clover Project" and aims to provide safer and more reliable protection for user data.

It is reported that a data center in Ireland has begun operations and began storing user data earlier this year. The putting into use of this data center marks the beginning of TikTok's implementation of "Project Clover" in Europe. In the future, TikTok plans to build another data center in Norway to meet the needs of European users for data security and privacy protection.

The investment is part of TikTok's efforts to strengthen data protection globally. As a platform with a large number of users, TikTok is well aware of the importance of the security and privacy of user data. By implementing the "Clover Project", TikTok hopes to enhance users' trust in the platform, improve users' experience, and at the same time meet European users' regulatory requirements for data protection.

For "Project Clover", industry experts consider it an innovative data protection plan. By establishing local data centers in Europe, TikTok can better protect the privacy and security of user data and increase users' trust in the platform. At the same time, this also reflects TikTok's emphasis on and commitment to the European market and will provide better services to European users.