With the fast growing of Shopee, there are more and more people selling on Shopee Malaysia. Therefore, the competition is increasing and it is more difficult to get more profits when selling on Shopee.

Here I suggest you Shopee seller affiliate program, it allows you to get a percentage of the price of a product when the order is completed. In this article, I will tell you what the Shopee seller affiliate program is and how to apply this marketing solution.


What is the Shopee seller affiliate program?

Shopee seller affiliate is a program that rewards sellers who convert their social media audience into Shopee buyers. The sellers can join this affiliate program for free and earn incentives for every completed order.

It is also an affiliate marketing solution, the Shopee sellers can promote their products via other social media platforms. In return, they can earn a commission. In a word, with the seller affiliate program, you can promote your products and earn a commission for every successful sale through the affiliate link.


Benefits of the seller affiliate program


How to join the Shopee seller affiliate program?

Step 1. You can go to Shopee APP > My Shop > Seller Affiliate Program, and get your personalised seller affiliate link.

Step 2. Share the affiliate link to other social media platforms, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram etc.

Step 3. After your customers purchase your products via your shared affiliate link, you will get the cash incentives for completed orders. The cash incentives will be credited to your Seller Wallet by the end of the following month.

Please note that there are different incentive rates for different categories and buyer types. Besides, there is no limit on the cash incentives payout for sellers who join the affiliate program, but the cash incentives payout for each completed order is limited to RM50.

You can also track your affiliate performance in your seller affiliate program within the Shopee APP. You will see the incentive payment duration, number of clicks, number of orders generated, and estimated incentive earned.


How to earn money as a seller affiliate?

You can earn the affiliate incentives when the buyers click your shared affiliate link and complete orders from any seller’s store. However, if the buyer clicks some affiliate links, Shopee will use the last click attribution to determine who receives the cash incentives. For example, seller A shared an affiliate link, the buyer accessed the link, but didn't complete the order. Then seller B shared an affiliate link, this buyer purchased and completed the order, then Shopee will award the cash incentives to seller B.

Besides, the buyers need to purchase within 7 days once clicking your shared affiliate link, then you can get the cash incentives. Shopee will release the cash incentives in the following month, for example, the order is completed in April 2022, you will be credited to your seller wallet by 31 May 2022.



If you want to earn more when selling on Shopee Malaysia, joining the seller affiliate program is a good idea. You can just share the affiliate link to other social media platforms, then you can earn the affiliate commission.