In the recent 11.11 promotion, e-commerce sellers in five Southeast Asian countries actively participated in platform activities during the promotion period and achieved impressive results with the help of the TikTok Shop platform.

And with the 12.12 big sale coming soon, combined with the strong Christmas atmosphere, it will bring more exposure opportunities and more opportunities to sell orders. So what will be the hottest products on TikTok Shop this Christmas?

    Since Malaysia is a Muslim country, solid color products are more popular there; at the same time, luminous elements (decorative lights, night lights) have also become one of the essential elements for hot products.

  Lively family gatherings are an indispensable part of Christmas for Filipinos. The demand for Christmas-related categories on Philippine sites ranks first in Southeast Asia. The demand continues to grow from August to December. Luminous elements are also the most critical. Explosive elements.

    As the temperature drops, thickened clothing (cotton shoes, thick socks) has become a popular trend on Thai websites.

    Winter temperatures in Vietnam are low, especially in northern Vietnam. Thickened clothing meets the needs of many consumers.

  November to December is the peak tourist season in Singapore. During this peak season, many locals choose to go on vacation. Decorative products (fashion accessories, etc.) are in high demand on this site.