According to media sources, a recent survey of Thai consumers conducted by UBS and other financial institutions showed that most people have a better view of Thailand's economy in 2024 than before.

The report said 71% of respondents said Thailand's economy would look better in 2024. This is believed to be the highest recorded by the survey since 2020.

However, Thai consumers surveyed also believe that the prices of goods and services will increase next year.

UBS asked them what they thought of Thailand's economy this year. 51% of respondents believe Thailand's economy has improved compared to last year, 27% believe the situation has worsened, and 22% believe there has been no change.

As for next year's economic outlook, most respondents believe Thailand's economy will improve "slightly" in 2024.

Regarding online shopping, more than 20% of Thais still purchase products through online channels at least once a week.

The main channels for purchasing products online in Thailand are still Shopee and Lazada. Although TikTok Shop has increased, it has not yet reached 10%.