There are more and more sellers in Lazada Malaysia, it is difficult to be top and boost sales. There are many ways to promote products and get more sales, joining Lazada affiliate program is one choice. But do you know how to use this affiliate advertising solution? This article will answer you.


What is Lazada affiliate program?

Lazada affiliate program/sponsored affiliate is a program that enables sellers to create a campaign and improve sales. 

There are many affiliate partners in Southeast Asia for Lazada platform, usually they are content creators, leading ads networks, or manage websites or APP with high traffic. The affiliate partners will promote your products and they can get commission for the successful orders in exchange. 


Benefits of Lazada sponsored affiliate

There are many benefits if you join Lazada sponsored affiliate.
1. Get more visibility in Lazada App. Lazada will give you new ways and more visibility if you join the Lazada affiliate program, your products may appear on LazLive, Lucky Egg, or other placements within the Lazada App. 

2. Get more traffic. The affiliate partners will promote your products after you join this program, then you can get more exposure and traffic from other websites or social media platforms.

3. Boost sales. Your products can be seen by many people, and you have an opportunity to get more sales from these visitors.

4. No other intangible fees. Affiliate partners promote your products, and they can get the affiliate commission in 30 days when the customers pay for orders. And you don’t need to top up in advance. What you need to pay is affiliate commission for every successful order, no other fees.


How to join the Lazada affiliate program?

Step 1. To create the sponsored affiliate, you can go to Lazada seller center > Marketing Center > Sponsored Solutions, then you can create an affiliate campaign.

Step 2. Then you can set the campaign information. You need to set the start date and end date first, and you need to run this campaign for more than 7 days, because Lazada affiliate partners will take some time to implement and communicate to the end customer. You can leave the end date alone if you want a long-term scheduling, it can help you to have the best visibility for your campaign on affiliate with full ability for affiliate partners to promote. 

Step 3. Next you need to set up the storewide base commission rate, it is for all products in your Lazada shop, you can’t select specific products to join this affiliate campaign. Please note that the minimum commission rate can’t be lower than 4%. The higher the commission rate, the more attractive and competitive it is to the affiliate partners, and the more likely the seller will get a lot of traffic and sales. 

Step 4. Finally, you can select if you want to set the creatives, you can upload several creative banners for affiliate partners to pick up and promote. And there are some element priorities in creatives:
Store/brand logo

It is recommended to upload creatives in different sizes for  your affiliate partners to use in their various apps and websites. The more creative sizes you can provide, the more suitability that your affiliate partners can pick and promote. And the size should be: 1200 x 628, 120 x 600, 320 x 50, 300 x 250, 728x90, 1200x1200, 1200x630, 160x600, 300x100, 300x600, 428x90, 468x60, 640x200, 600x600, 640x320, 1200x900, 1090x1090, 700x500, 800x400, 1400x428.

Step 5. Submit your affiliate campaign, your campaign will display on the Lazada affiliate program the next day. Then the affiliate partners can pick up and promote your products. 



Lazada affiliate program allows you to display your products outside of Lazada and bring you more visitors and traffic to your Lazada shop. Joining this affiliate advertising is a good way to boost traffic, you can try it in your Lazada store.