According to news, Tokopedia recently responded that the transaction activities under application have been approved by the Ministry of Trade.

Tokopedia's head of communications said the company and TikTok have obtained the necessary licenses to conduct transactions on the TikTok app.

"In principle, the payment process will take place in the Tokopedia system and TikTok will be the platform to present product options to consumers," Aditia told the media on Friday.

According to reports, TikTok's cart feature for transactions is open again after being shut down for 70 days, as TikTok and Tokopedia are experimenting with transactions on the platform.

Aditia said that during the trial period, the company will migrate the system from TikTok Shop to Tokopedia while still providing consumers with a comfortable and easy experience in the Tokopedia user interface.

"The transition during the pilot period will continue to be consulted and monitored by relevant ministries and agencies," Aditia said.