According to reports, on December 27, Thailand's Central Bureau of Investigation and other departments, together with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), jointly uncovered a counterfeit manufacturing and sales team, arrested three suspects, and seized more than 36 categories of items worth more than 7 million baht. .

According to the report, Police Major General Vitaya said that due to complaints from the public, consumers ordered weight loss dietary supplements through Facebook, Lazada, Shopee and other platforms.

However, after taking them, they experienced symptoms such as heart palpitations, hand tremors, and headaches. The relevant departments then ordered and I took the product to the medical department for examination and found sibutramine in the product.

Therefore, the above-mentioned searches and arrests were carried out.

Since weight-loss drugs are currently very popular, criminals have found an opportunity to take advantage of them. However, taking weight-loss drugs that have not passed quality inspection is extremely dangerous and may cause abnormal heart rate, difficulty breathing, ischemic heart disease or stroke. In serious cases, it can be dangerous to life.