According to Shopee news, by the end of 2023, the transaction volume of Indonesian local products on the platform has increased 10 times. Fashion, beauty, and home lifestyle categories continue to be popular categories on Shopee.

“A variety of quality products produced by local brands and MSMEs are increasingly becoming people's favorite choice, and this surge of interest can also be seen on Shopee, especially during the peak of last year's 12.12 promotions, where local products Transaction volume has increased 10 times compared to normal times," Monica Vionna, head of marketing at Shopee Indonesia, said in a written statement.

Monica said the high public interest in local brands and MSME products can also be seen in the growth of fashion, beauty, and home lifestyle categories, which have been popular categories on Shopee.

The fashion category recorded a 6-fold increase in local product sales, while the beauty category grew more than 8-fold, followed by the home lifestyle category, which topped the list of most sought-after by Shopee users throughout the campaign.

"This huge public interest goes hand-in-hand with Shopee's innovative efforts to create the best online shopping experience through increasingly interactive live shopping features," said Monica.