Since the epidemic, the Latin American e-commerce market has experienced rapid growth. A latest study conducted by market research company Comscore reveals the online shopping preferences and behaviors of consumers in Latin America.

Research shows that in terms of transaction volume, Mercado Libre dominates with a 39% market share, far ahead of other online platforms. Followed by PedidosYa (17%), Amazon (15%), McDonald's (10%) and Mercado Pago (10%).

The sixth most popular platform is Adidas with a market share of 7%. Followed by Rappi, Shein and, all at 5%. The last place on the list is Uber Eats, accounting for 3%.

By shopping channel, on the computer, consumers in Latin America most often purchase clothing and accessories (16.8%). This is followed by digital downloads (16.7%), electronic products (14.2%), software (14%) and electronic products (13%).

On the mobile side, the most popular categories are food delivery (48.5%), clothing and accessories (40%), food (37.8%), digital downloads (33.7%) and consumer goods (27.4%).

Research has found that consumers in Latin America increasingly prefer shopping via mobile phones. In the past three months, 61% of consumers made purchases via mobile phone and 54% made purchases via computer.

However, mobile phones have not completely replaced computers, because there are still some people who prefer to make shopping decisions through this channel and feel more comfortable with it.