Many sellers are selling online with multiple stores or multiple marketplaces in Malaysia, for example, Shopee, Lazada, and a new marketplace TikTok Shop. It is a difficult thing to manage multiple stores from different marketplace, this article will tell you some useful tips.


Why you sell on multiple stores or marketplaces?

Selling on multiple marketplaces can help you drive more exposure and get more sales. It is the first step adopting a multichannel selling strategy. There is evidence shows that branching out to multiple marketplaces can increase your brand awareness and overall sales.

As we all know, it is difficult to manage if you have multiple stores from multiple marketplaces, eespecially manage multiple stores in the same marketplace, because you may need to always login and logout your seller cente. And you may get suspended to have multiple stores with one laptop.Therefore, you need some tips to manage multiple store.


Tips to sell on multiple stores

To register multiple stores in one marketplace, you need different username and email address. It is better to use different devices to login different account seller centers. Because Shopee may detect when you login your seller center, using different devices can help you avoid being banned or suspended.

It is great to manage multiple stores if you can manage store operations well, for example, ship orders on time, provide good customer service and so on. If your account is maintained in good condition and no points are deducted, you don’t need to worry about the suspended problem.

When you manage multiple stores from different marketplaces, it is difficult to login all store seller center and make edit. You can hire some staff to help you manage your stores if it is difficult to manage yourself. The best way to accomplish this is to hire and train the right staff so that they can help you out. You’ll need to spend a lot of time vetting the employees and you’ll have to devote considerable resources in training them.


Use BigSeller to manage multiple stores

To help you manage multiple stores from several marketplaces, you can use other third-party tools and manage your stores in one system. Here I suggest you use BigSeller. It is a one-stop solution for you to manage your multi-channel eCommerce. You can manage products and process your orders of different marketplaces on BigSeller.

With BigSeller, you can connect up to 200 stores for each marketplace, for example, 200 Shopee stores, and 200 Lazada stores can be connected to one BigSeller account. Next, I will tell you some useful tools on BigSeller to manage multiple stores.

1. Manage Products
When you want to publish a new product to several stores, you don’t need to login all seller centers, you can only publish one product to store, then use BigSeller Copy Listings feature to copy this newly published product to other stores. You can select marketplace and products to copy, or you can copy products by store.

2. Process Orders
When you have orders, you don’t need to login seller center and just use BigSeller to process orders for your multiple stores. You can easily process your Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok shop orders. Besides, it supports customized shipping label, you can add product info to your airway bills. Then you can pick up items from warehouse easily and help you improve efficiency.

3. Manage Inventory
In my mind, inventory is the most difficult thing to manage if you have multiple stores. But with BigSeller, you can manage your inventory easily. Especially the Sync Inventory feature, when there is an order in your store A, BigSeller will deduct the stock from other stores automatically. It can prevent overselling and improve your customer satisfaction. Besides, there is another feature I need to recommend, it is Purchase Suggestion. It will generate the stock quantity you need to purchase according to your sales quantity.