1. What is TikTok hashtag?

TikTok hashtags are words or key phrases represented by the hashtag (#) symbol that are used to categorize content on the platform so that users can easily browse the content. Adding a specific hashtag to your video will help your audience discover content posted by the creator when they search for that hashtag. Using the right hashtag will help your audience join the trending or relevant conversation.

As an entertainment-focused platform, TikTok naturally has the most entertainment content tag views, with 535 billion views. The second most popular category is dance, with 181 billion tag views. Pranks, fitness and sports, home improvement/DIY, and beauty/skin care are other popular topics based on the number of hashtag views.

2. Seven benefits of using hashtag marketing

1. Increase visibility

Adding hashtags to your captions can help brands get their content in front of TikTok users who aren’t already following. When you reuse a hashtag related to your video content, you can reach people who are already interested in the topic.

For example, adding the hashtag #DIYProject will allow users to see videos posted by brands when searching for the topic.

2. Increase participation

Better exposure can also translate into more significant user engagement. When more people see the video content released by the brand, they are more likely to participate through likes or comments, and these interactive behaviors can also feed back exposure.

3. Build a community

Brands can encourage their audience to create videos using brand-specific hashtags, which will help build a strong community of fans who share content relevant to the brand’s business.

Jellycat, for example, has successfully built a community around the hashtag #jellycat. Users can post their own Jellycat-related content together. The hashtag has generated 1 billion views.

4. Follow up on competitive product dynamics

Brands can access the homepages and updates of competing products through hashtags, so they can better observe the differences in the marketing strategies of both parties and optimize themselves.

5. Get great content ideas

Similar to the previous point, brands are better able to capture the creative direction of content through highly viewed videos in hashtags.

6. Helps find corresponding creators to cooperate with

There will also be many powerful and creative creators in the hashtags. Creator marketing can help brands further expand their topicality and communication influence.

7. Keep up with trends

TikTok trends are constantly emerging, and leveraging the right trend at the right time can help brands increase awareness and user engagement.