On February 15th, US time, OpenAi, an American artificial intelligence research company, officially launched the first Vincent video model "Sora". Sora allows users to create minute-long real-life videos, all based on prompt words they write.

In other words, as long as you write good copy, Sora can automatically generate a real video that can last up to 60 seconds. This undoubtedly subverts the current common "duration" of no more than 4 seconds.

In the information released on the OpenAI official website, OpenAI does not stop at positioning Sora as a large model of Vincentian videos. OpenAI positions Sora as a video generation model that simulates the world.

By training Sora, OpenAI is teaching artificial intelligence to understand and simulate the physical world in action, with the goal of training models to help humans solve problems that require real-world interaction.

We can foresee that when Sora is put into use, it will greatly help e-commerce brand merchants to effectively reduce the cost and workload of producing e-commerce advertisements and product description videos. Especially for TikTok sellers, the headache of content production will no longer be a problem. It no longer becomes a problem, but it can open a new traffic window and bring infinite possibilities to sellers to expand their global business.

But on the other hand, based on the fact that text generated by AI has been recognized by Amazon as "AI content", a small number of sellers believe that videos generated using Sora are at risk of being recognized as AI videos or false content.

However, based on the feedback, many sellers still believe that Sora is an AI tool worth trying.