Recently, the Russian Internet Trading Companies Association released some data on the country's online sales last year. In 2023, Russia's online sales was close to 6.4 trillion rubles, a significant increase of 28% compared to 2022.

Among them, 96.9% of online sales come from Russia, and the remaining 3.1% comes from cross-border e-commerce. At the same time, in 2023, the proportion of e-commerce sales in total retail sales of consumer goods also increased, from 11.6% in 2022 to 13.8%.

In addition, in 2023, the product categories with the largest share of online sales in Russia are digital and household appliances (18%), followed by furniture and home furnishings (15.4%), clothing and footwear (14.6%), and food (11%). , beauty personal care and health products (8.1%). Compared with 2022, the proportions of these categories have not changed significantly.

It is reported that the Russian Internet Trading Companies Association additionally pointed out that digital goods also occupy a place in online sales, accounting for approximately 4.4%. Specifically, Russians spent a total of 281 billion rubles on digital goods last year. The main categories purchased were e-books and streaming media subscriptions. The average spending per consumer was approximately 363 rubles.