The rate of negative feedback is the most important criterion for consumers to judge whether a seller's store is good or bad. Once the rate of negative feedback is too high, it will affect the weight, exposure, and buyer placing orders of the store. In TikTok Shop, the official evaluation of such indicators is strict, and for stores with a high rate of negative feedback, there may even be a risk of account suspension. To avoid risks, you need to learn through official rules.

Improve TikTok Shops' Performance: Tips For Sellers

Firstly, let's talk about which dimensions the TikTok Shop store's negative feedback rate should be concerned about:

A. Product Safety Reviews

Refers to the number of negative reviews received on product safety in the past 60 days.

B. Order variance rate (including logistics variance rate)

It refers to the percentage of non-logistics negative reviews received in the past 60 days for a certain product, compared to the total completed/closed orders of the product.

C. Poor product review rate

Refers to the percentage of negative reviews for a certain product in the past 60 days, compared to the total reviews of the product.

D. Low store responsibility review rate

It refers to the percentage of all negative reviews (excluding logistics negative reviews) received by the store in the past 60 days, compared to the total store reviews.

Secondly, Factors Affecting Experience Score (SES):

A. Poor logistics assessment:

Long and Slow Logistics Delivery Time

Damaged Packaging

B. Negative comments:

Poor attitude before and after sales

Poor product quality

Low Product Safety Factor

Finally, how to improve tiktok shops' performance (shop experience score) ?

A. Goods must meet the safety standards of the buyers’ country
B. Add product graphic descriptions and operation videos in the product detail page
C. Find high-quality suppliers and improve product quality
D. Do a good job of pre-sale and after-sale customer service, promptness communication and quick processing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1、Will the poor evaluation rate assessment be affected by logistic problems?


If consumers give merchants bad reviews because of logistics and transportation speed, parcel damage and other issues, and the rate of bad reviews accumulated to the penalty level, merchants will also receive penalties. Therefore, merchants need to ensure that the delivery time, the correct packing, such as logistics reasons to receive a bad review, you can provide the logistics track screenshot complaint, the platform will arbitrate whether the logistics responsibility.

2、Can consumers modify the evaluation?

Can not modify the evaluation, but consumers can review, review can not change the rating, can not affect the rate of bad reviews.

3、Consumers receive the goods and apply for the return of goods and the return of goods successfully, can still evaluate?

Within 60 days after the completion of the order can be evaluated.

4、What should I do if I meet a malicious buyer with a bad review?

Sellers can provide evidence in the complaint portal, or provide clues to the commercial service, such as frequent receipt of the same evaluation during this period of time or report being subjected to malicious evaluation by peers. In addition, sellers can set up a buyer blacklist on BigSeller to prohibit buyers from maliciously placing orders.

I promise after this articles, it would make a deep impression on you in what to do with a high rate of bad reviews on TikTok Shop.

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