According to reports, recently, in order to meet the shopping needs of consumers during the 3.3 major promotion event, Southeast Asian e-commerce giant Shopee launched a new free returns service in Indonesia, allowing sellers to apply for returns on the grounds of "change of mind".

Shopee also promises that the cost of returns will be fully borne by the platform, and neither sellers nor consumers need to pay additional shipping costs.

Specifically, as long as consumers purchase products marked with the "Free Returns" logo, they can return the products by clicking "I have received the order, but there is a problem" and return the corresponding package within 5 working days as required. , after the seller checks that everything is correct, the refund will be returned to the consumer's account intact.

It should be noted that the products consumers apply for return need to meet the following conditions, that is, the product seal is complete, the brand label is intact, the returned product must be in the same condition as when it was received, and the buyer cannot use the product for personal purposes before the product is returned. , Important documents should not be missed, do not open the package if it is damaged, etc.

Return requests will only be approved if the above conditions are met.