Marketplace is a very flexible platform and has an algorithm for managing product search sequences.

Shopee itself has set special conditions so that products can appear in top searches, according to certain keywords.

Therefore, you must learn the Shopee algorithm first, in order to increase the visibility of your product. The following are tips that you can apply so that your product can appear at the top of Shopee searches:

1. Use the Right Keywords

One way to make your products appear in Shopee searches is to use relevant keywords in the product title and description.

Conduct proper keyword research to help you identify what consumers are looking for.

In this case, use keyword research tools and pay attention to trends on Shopee to find the most effective keywords.

Here are 3 Shopee keyword research tools that you can use:
Apart from that, when writing product descriptions, make sure the keywords are used naturally.

Don't just fill the description with keywords, but make sure the keywords are well integrated in informative and interesting sentences.

2. Optimize Product Images

In online business, high-quality images are key to attracting consumer attention.

In this case, the way for your product to appear in Shopee searches also includes using images that are clear, attractive and represent the product in an original way.

Make sure the image has high resolution and good lighting.

Additionally, use additional images to explain product features or uses.

Visually appealing and informative images can increase buyer engagement and help your products appear in top search results.

You can take your own pictures using your cellphone camera, then edit them so that the results are interesting.

If you find it difficult to create attractive product photos or images, try visiting a professional product photography service.

That way, your product photos can appear clearer, more attractive, and of course have high selling value.

3. Leverage Positive Reviews

Positive reviews from customers can increase product search rankings on Shopee.

So, try to encourage your customers to leave positive reviews after making a purchase.

This method not only increases visibility but also gives confidence to new buyers.

Additionally, make sure you respond to every customer review, whether positive or negative.

These interactions can provide a positive signal to the Shopee algorithm that your product deserves a higher search ranking.

4. Conduct Promotions Regularly

Holding promotions is one effective way for products to appear in Shopee searches.

Promotions can take the form of Shopee discounts, vouchers, or product bundling.

This method is considered very effective because it not only increases sales but also increases product visibility.

Apart from that, also take advantage of certain shopping moments, such as Harbolnas, Shopee 11.11, and other shopping moments, so that your promotions are more attractive.

This can significantly increase your product exposure, bringing more traffic to your store and ultimately improving search rankings.

5. Set Competitive Prices

Competitive prices can make your product more attractive in the eyes of consumers.

Do market research to find out the price range for similar products on the market.

This method can help you set competitive prices, making it effective for increasing sales on Shopee.

Apart from that, also pay attention to price trends and special offers from your competitors.

Staying up-to-date with market changes can help you adjust your prices to stay competitive.

6. Choose the Right Category

Choosing the right category is a smart way to ensure products appear in Shopee searches.

Choose the category that is most accurate and relevant to your product.

This helps consumers find products more easily when they search for them in a specific category.

Don't choose irrelevant categories just to get more exposure.

This can mislead buyers and have a negative impact on your store's reputation.

7. Take Advantage of the Shopee Keyword Tool

Shopee offers a variety of tools to help sellers, including the Shopee Keyword Tool.

This tool provides insight into popular keywords that buyers use.

Using this tool is an effective way to get your products to appear in Shopee's top searches.

By utilizing the Shopee Keyword Tool, you can adjust your marketing strategy based on actual data.

Of course, this can help you understand market trends and focus your SEO efforts for better results.