According to reports, Shopee's new return and refund policy has caused controversy in Vietnam. It is understood that starting from March 8, Shopee consumers can return products within 15 days after receiving them, instead of the previous 3-7 days, and the return shipping costs are free. Buyers can even request a return or refund on the grounds that they no longer need the item or have changed their mind after purchasing.

In this regard, some consumers said: "The new policy makes me feel safer and avoids the risk of buying inferior products." However, some sellers believe that Shopee's new policy "squeezes" them. Hai Dang, a sports goods store owner in Ho Chi Minh City, said that his funds have been "withheld" for up to half a month since the exchange updated its new policy, although the application has been "confirmed" by the buyer.

Many other Shopee sellers in the social networking group were also "charged" with being detained for 15 days. The store stated that orders successfully delivered to sellers since March 8 have not yet received payment. Some people also pointed out that Shopee is slow to pay, but it launches SEasy loan service for sellers. Is this taking the money from the store and loaning it back?

In response to feedback from sellers, Shopee said that extending the time for customer returns and refunds to 15 days is to "give users more benefits every time they shop, and also to create favorable conditions for sellers to improve the quality of customer service."

In order to implement this policy, Shopee has also adjusted the payment period of the seller's account in 3 ways: after the buyer clicks "Item Received"; on or after the 8th day from the date the order is successfully shipped and the buyer has no returns or Refund request; According to the new policy, 15 days after the deadline for requesting a return/refund, applies to orders that require Shopee review.