Shopee is developing rapidly at present, starting your online business on Shopee is a good opportunity to take part in this market. Before starting your Shopee store, it is essential to find products you can sell on Shopee. In this article, I will tell you why finding products is essential and some ways to find products. 


Why is product selection important?

Finding products is crucial for online store owners, because it decides the quality of products and how many profits you can get. Here are some reasons why you need to find products before you start selling on Shopee:

6 ways to find products on Shopee

1. Google Trends
To check if the products are popular, you can use Google Trends to check the products’ search growth firstly. Here you can type in the product and take a look at the trend line. If it is moving up, it may be a good sign, which means more customers need this item. But a sharp upward trend may represent a fad. 

2. Compare with the competitors
To sell your products on Shopee, you need to find how many potential competitors first. 
You can search the niches you want to sell on Shopee, if there are a few competitors, it is definitely a good thing, but too much is definitely a bad thing. Because you may need to attract customers by the lowest price, which may lead to low margins. 

3. Solve a customer pain point
Solving a customer pain point is an effective way to develop a product. When you sell a product that can solve customers’ problems, you will win on Shopee. 
To find a product to solve customer pain points, you can select a niche and search it on Shopee, then you can read the customer reviews. You will find perceived reasons why they have this problem, then you can select a product to solve this problem.

4. Appeal to enthusiastic hobbyists
Solving a customer pain point may help you attract a few customers. But to attract more customers and boost your sales, you also need to find products according to their hobbies. People are willing to purchase products for their hobbies,you can use this way to find products to sell on Shopee.

5. Start your search with related products
If you have an existing interest in a particular product category, you can search on Shopee and check its related products that customers frequently purchase together with this product. When you search products on Shopee and visit the products, you can see the Similar Products and You May Also Like. Through this way, you can search for related products.

6. Determine the profitability of your products
When you have an idea to sell which product on Shopee, you should consider how much money you have the potential to make.
You need to search the top products in this category on Shopee, then calculate your own selling price. You need to take Shopee commission, service fees and shipping fees into consideration. 



Through these ways, you can find products to sell on Shopee. Choosing the right product can help you make you successful. The products you selected will affect your entire online business, from marketing to pricing, and long-term development.