If you want to start selling in Southeast Asia, Shopee is undoubtedly the first platform you need to consider. It is the leading selling platform and there are many sellers on Shopee. To be a top seller on Shopee, you need to find some ways to get more views and boost your sales. In this article, I will tell you how to get more views on your products and get more sales on Shopee.


1. Bump products on Shopee

Shopee bump, previously known as boost, can improve your products’ search ranking temporarily and increase views of your bump products. With Shopee bump or boost feature, your products will be bumped to the top location of its category search results under the Latest tab. 

Every Shopee seller has 5 slots to bump, every slot can be used for 4 hours and the bump option will be disabled when you reach the slot limit. It means you can bump 5 products every 4 hours and you can bump products at any time. To bump products, you can go to Shopee APP > Products and click the More dropdown menu. 

If you don’t want to bump products every 4 hours, I suggest you use BigSeller auto bump. It can help you bump products automatically every 4 hours. You can add 30 products, then BigSeller will bump these products according to the order of the bump list. Besides, it supports pin boost products, so you can boost these products all time.


2. Improve product description

To help your products get more views and rank well in search results, SEO is one of important factors. It can bring a large amount of traffic to your products and store everyday. It is another free way to increase your Shopee sales besides the Shopee bump feature.

To improve SEO, you need to optimize your Shopee products including title, images, description. Before publishing a product to Shopee, you need to check which keywords rank well on Shopee and other selling platforms. You can insert these keywords to your product title and description. You need to upload high-quality images with the required size by Shopee. Besides, you should upload at least 3 images that display your product clearly. When writing your product description, remember to keep it detailed, correct and easy to understand. If you don’t know how to write a great description, you can write an informative description first, then insert keywords and optimize for SEO.


3. Join Shopee Campaign

Shopee Campaign is a powerful tool in the seller center, it holds several official promotional events featuring products from participating sellers. Participating in the Shopee campaign can help you increase shop traffic and boost sales on Shopee.

Shopee holds various campaigns periodically, you can go to the seller center or APP for upcoming campaigns. There are 2 ways to join, nominate your products relevant to the campaign or approve your products recommended by Shopee for a campaign. And please make sure your products have detailed information, attractive price and promotion. In this way, your products in the campaign can be featured by Shopee and reach a huge number of customers.


4. Provide discounts or vouchers

There are several marketing tools in Shopee Marketing Center, for example, vouchers, discount promotions, bundle deals, flash deals and other promotions. Providing discounts and vouchers to your customers are helpful for sellers to speed up the purchase decision when customers are viewing your products and store. 

You can go to Shopee Marketing Center and set discounts or vouchers. With the discounts, your price is competitive in comparison to other sellers and you can get high traffic and more sales. But be careful of misleading discounts, which refers to the situation in which a seller increases the product price just before a promotion to exaggerate the discount. 


5. Shopee Ads

Shopee ads allow you to advertise your products in high traffic areas on Shopee. Products using Paid Ads will have a higher search ranking and bring you more sales. Other than Shopee bump, discount promotion, it will charge a fee to run Shopee ads when customers click on it. 

There are two types of ads on Shopee, Search Ads and Discovery Ads. For Search ads, you can set bids for keywords, your products will be shown where customers are most likely to see them, for example the homepage, search result page, or product details page. It can help customers find your products easily, and get more sales. 

For Discovery ads, it will appear your products in the Similar Products, You May Also Like, and Daily Discover positions. It can improve your product exposure and sales using discovery ads. Besides, you can control how much you spend by setting your preferred budget and cost-per-click bid price.



Shopee has provided some free or paid promotion tools on this selling platform, it may provide more in the future. What you need to do is realize and agree to Shopee policy. Hope you can get more traffic and boost sales on Shopee.