Providing free shipping is an attractive key to purchase from your Shopee store for buyers. Shopee free shipping programme is a way to help sellers drive more traffic and sales by offering free shipping to buyers. If you want to know more about Shopee free shipping programme, please read this article.


What is Shopee Free Shipping Programme?

Shopee Free Shipping Programme is an opt-in program to help Shopee sellers drive more sales by offering free shipping for buyers. There are two types of programs offered by Shopee: RM15 Free Shipping Programme and RM40 Free Shipping Programme. The buyers are required to meet the minimum spend per shop and use the free shipping voucher on the checkout page. But please note that you will be charged the programme service fee for completed orders, regardless of whether the buyer uses the free shipping voucher.
Features RM 15 Free Shipping Programme RM 40 Free Shipping Programme
Minimum Spend RM 15 RM 40
Exclusive Always Live
Campaign Collection
3x SKU Featured Weekly 3x SKU Featured Weekly
Minimum Commitment Period 28 Calendar Days 28 Calendar Days


Benefits of Shopee Free Shipping Programme

1. Free shipping for your buyers. Your buyers don’t need to pay shipping fees when they meet the minimum spend in your store.
2. Special free shipping tagging. There will be a special free shipping tag in your products page, you can stand out from your competitors with a free shipping tag.

3. Buyers will be specifically looking for products with free shipping and they're more likely to buy from you if you offer free shipping.
4. Joining the free shipping programme can help to boost your product exposure and sales.


Disadvantages of Shopee Free Shipping Programme

You will be charged the service fee regardless of whether the buyers use the free shipping vouchers. Besides free shipping service fee, you also are charged the transaction fee and marketplace commission fee. If you join other programs, you will be charged more fees, for example 10% Cashback Programme.

It may affect your profit margin if you join this program. You need to figure out a price at which you can make a profit, but the final price may be higher than your competitor. You can lose the advantage of a free shipping voucher. Therefore, you need to understand the charges and fees before joining this program.


Prerequisites to Join Shopee Free Shipping Programme

Shopee sellers are required to meet the prerequisites below to join the Shopee free shipping programme.
1. You must have signed up for at least one free shipping program with a Shopee supported logistics partner:

2. You must maintain the penalty tier below 2.
3. You must have at least one active product in your shop.

If you have met these prerequisites, you can sign up for the Shopee Free Shipping Programme now! If your application is successful, you will receive an in-app push notification under "Shopee Updates" in the Notifications tab.