If you want to expand your business abroad, it’s time to join the Shopee International Platform (SIP). SIP allows you to sell your products on overseas Shopee platforms and you can get more sales.


What is Shopee International Platform (SIP)?

Shopee International Platform is a cross-border program, which allows you to sell your products to other countries. Now SIP is serving both Singapore, Philippines, and Taiwan. And you don’t have any additional cost and effort after joining this program, Shopee will convert the product price and calculate the shipping fee automatically.

Shopee sellers are invited to join SIP will be able to do the following:
1. Expand business internationally and consumer outreach to potentially 6 other regional markets: Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, and Indonesia.
2. Enjoy the cross-border services for free, for example logistics support, payment, and customer service.
3. No additional effort required to expand business overseas.
4. Expand your customer base and achieve more sales and benefits.


How to join Shopee SIP?

At present, the Shopee International Program is not open to all sellers, and sellers have no chance to apply for this program. Shopee will select and invite sellers who meet the requirements to participate in this program.

When you have been selected to join SIP, you will be notified on Shopee updates and you can accept into the program. The Shopee team will contact you within 2-3 weeks for the onboarding process. Once your store is set up and live on the Shopee overseas platform, you will receive a notification from the Shopee team. Then you can wait for orders from the customers in Singapore or other countries.


How to process orders for SIP?

Once you receive an order from the overseas buyer, you will be informed and need to send the package to the Shopee warehouse. The process is the same as the local orders, the only difference is that the delivery address is Shopee warehouse. Once the package arrives at the Shopee warehouse, the package will be processed by Shopee to be sent overseas to the buyer's location.

And if the overseas buyers want to return or refund, Shopee will liaise with buyers directly via the local customer service.


SIP Customer Service

SIP Customer service team (via SIP_shopee_agent) will reach out to sellers via Shopee Chat regarding customer enquiries if necessary. Sellers can reach out to the SIP CS team with the Order ID via the Seller Inquiry form for any issues related to SIP Orders.



You can get many benefits after you join the Shopee international program (SIP), which can help you to expand business and get more sales. Once you are selected to join this program, don't hesitate to click Accept to join!