Before selling on Shopee Philippines 2023, do you know how Shopee charges sellers? This article will show you Shopee charges, including commission fee, transaction fee, and other service fees.


Commission Fee

Shopee commission fee is an access fee charged to sellers to continue enjoying Shopee services. Effective January 1, 2023, the commission fee rates on Shopee depends on seller type, item category, and programs joined.

Commission fee is calculated based on the final cost of products paid by the buyer after applying seller-sponsored discount and vouchers, it is already inclusive of VAT. The calculation is:
Commission Fee = (Gross Cost of products - Seller sponsored discount - Seller sponsored voucher) x Commission rate

See the commission fee rates for Shopee:
Shopee Mall Commission Fee Rates
Shopee Marketplace Commission Fee Rates


Transaction Fee

Transaction fee on Shopee means a handling fee that covers the cost of payment transactions. Starting September 1, 2022, for every successful transaction using Shopee’s payment services, Shopee will charge 2.24% (including VAT) of the total amount paid by the buyer.

The calculation for Shopee transaction fee is:
Transaction Fee = (Item Price + Buyer paid shipping fee - Shopee Voucher - Shopee coins redeemed) x 2.24%


Other Service Fees

Besides Shopee commission fee and transaction fee, there is another service fee charged by Shopee if you join Shopee Coin Cashback (CCB) and Free Shipping (FSS) Programs.

Sellers who joined CCB need to pay a participation fee of 3.36% for all successful orders and it is limited to 100 Peso per item on all completed orders. For the FSS program, sellers need to pay a participation fee of 5.6%. For marketplace sellers part of the FSS/CCB program(s), Shopee will provide a 1% discount on their commission fee rate for all categories.



These are all seller fees charged by Shopee including commission fee, transaction fee, and service fee. And it is totally free to register a new Shopee seller account Philippines 2023, it is not too late to be a seller on Shopee 2023, BigSeller always helps you with your business here.