As a Shopee seller, you should know preferred seller, but do you know what is preferred+ seller on Shopee? Preferred plus sellers are another group of sellers who have demonstrated even better performance in their sales, fulfillment, and customer service. You can consider it as a higher standard of service when shopping at a preferred+ seller shop on Shopee.

Joining the preferred+ seller programme can bring many benefits to Shopee sellers, this blog will guide you how to be a preferred+ seller on Shopee.


What is Shopee Preferred Plus Seller Programme?

As we know, Shopee preferred sellers are a group of specially selected sellers who have proved to be able to provide an enhanced shopping experience. But for Shopee Preferred+ Sellers, it has stricter criteria and more greater service than preferred sellers.

Shopee preferred+ plus programme is a follow-up program from the preferred seller programme, it is made to choose the top performing Shopee sellers and it requires sellers to maintain and improve sales performance on Shopee.


Exclusive Benefits of Being a Preferred+ Seller on Shopee

As a preferred plus seller on Shopee, there are many benefits for your Shopee shop and products.
1. New Preferred+ tag for visibility. Distinguish yourself among existing preferred sellers with the exclusive preferred+ tag, it will show your product page, shop page and search result page.

2. Dedicated search filter. Buyers can filter by Preferred+ Sellers on the search page sidebar to view your products, giving your shop and products higher visibility.
3. Shopee Ads discount. The preferred plus sellers can get up to 15% discount on your Shopee Ads top-ups every week.
4. Early access to new Shopee features. When Shopee updates and launches new features, the preferred plus sellers can access these new features first to boost sales.
5. Including all preferred seller benefits. As a preferred plus seller, you can enjoy all preferred seller exclusive benefits including boosted search results.


How to be a Preferred+ Seller on Shopee?

To join the preferred plus seller programme on Shopee, you need to meet the following criteria. You can monitor these performance metrics in the Preferred Seller page on seller center or Shopee APP.

Only if you meet all the criterias, then you can join Shopee preferred plus programme. There are some details why Shopee preferred plus sellers include these criterias.

After you join the Preferred+ Seller Programme on Shopee, you also need to maintain these criterias, because you may lose your Preferred+ Seller. Shopee will monitor your performance to maintain a high standard among all preferred+ sellers. Bedies, the Preferred and Preferred+ sellers are subjected to 2.12% commission fee (including 6% SST).



Now you know what Preferred Plus Seller on Shopee is, it can help you to grow your business and boost sales with this programme. To join this Preferred Plus Programme, just start now and keep your store performing well!