Now more and more sellers are selling products on TikTok, if you want to boost sales and expand your reach through the content creators and influencers, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, I will show you all about the TikTok Shop affiliate program and how to join it.


Understanding the TikTok Shop

TikTok provides a seamless shopping experience, connecting sellers with their target audience. And it offers a wide range of products including fashion, beauty, tech, homeware and more.
TikTok Shop enables sellers and content creators to showcase and sell products directly on TikTok through videos, Live, and showcase. And the buyers can discover and purchase products on TikTok APP.


What is the TikTok Shop Affiliate Program?

TikTok Shop affiliate program is a powerful marketing opportunity that enables brands or sellers to build relationships with TikTok creators and influencers and pay commission fees on sales. It can help your products to reach a wider audience and boost sales.
With the TikTok Shop affiliate program, you can invite targeted creators to promote your products, or you can list your products in the affiliate plan and the creators will apply for selling the products if they are interested in your products.


Benefits of joining the TikTok Shop Affiliate Program

1. Expand reach. By partnering with creators or influencers, you can leverage their established audience and expand your reach. This exposure can increase brand awareness and sales.
2. Cost-effective. It is totally free to join the affiliate program and you can only pay commissions to creators for successful sales they generate.
3. Boost sales. The TikTok creators can create and post compelling content or live videos to showcase your products, and their audience will make purchases and result in higher sales to your shop.
4. Easy to use. To join the TikTok Shop affiliate program, you just need to go to the TikTok Shop seller center and create affiliate plans and commission, then the creators can promote your products.


How to join the TikTok Shop Affiliate Program?

To join the TikTok Shop affiliate program, you can go to TikTok Shop and click Affiliate and it will direct you to the affiliate settings page. Here there are 3 types of TikTok Shop affiliates you can select to use: Shop Plan, Open Plan, and Targeted Plan.

1. Shop Plan
With Shop Plan, it enables you to set a universal commission rate for all products in your TikTok Shop and the TikTok creators can promote all your products, which increases the chance of being promoted and boost sales. The commission rate you set cannot be less than 10%, you can manage creators and check their product adding status after creating the shop plan.

2. Open Plan
Different from the Shop Plan, the Open Plan can choose one or more Live products to join, not all the products in the TikTok Shop. The commission rate for open plan should be between 1% to 80%. You can also enable the Free Sample option, then the creators can apply for the free samples. The open plan is visible to all creators who are qualified for Affiliate, and the TikTok Shop sellers need to manually approve applications from creators.

3. Targeted Plan
With Targeted Plan, you can select one or more products and set 1% to 80% commission rate. You can invite creators to promote your products and creators can start the promotion after they accept your invitation, but it is better to find the creators in the creator marketplace and contact your interested creators first. And you can select up to 30 creators to promote your products.



With the TikTok Shop Affiliate Program, you only need to pay for the commission fees and the TikTok content creators will help you to promote products. The Affiliate program can help you use less money and get more exposure & boost sales. If you want to get more sales in the TikTok Shop, just try this.