Shopping online is a very common thing in our life, and with it comes the need to track our packages. Shopee Xpress is one of the Shopee supported logistics, and also Shopee Standard Express. For Shopee sellers, it is important to track your shipments and communicate with your buyers to give them essential updates. This blog post will provide some ways for Shopee Express tracking.


Introduction to Shopee Xpress

Shopee Xpress (SPX) is one of the Shopee Supported Logistics, also known as Standard Delivery Express. It is handled by Shopee to deliver your orders and aims to provide a fast, smooth, and reliable logistics service and good shopping experience.


Importance of Shopee Express Tracking

Shopee Express tracking plays a vital role in ensuring a smooth and hassle-free online shopping experience. Here are some key reasons highlighting the importance of tracking your Shopee Xpress packages.
1. Get logistics updates. Tracking Shopee Xpress packages enables sellers to manage orders more effectively. By monitoring the delivery status, sellers can stay organized and track the progress of multiple shipments.
2. Great customer service. Logistics tracking allows sellers to provide better customer service. You can provide accurate updates when buyers inquire about the package delivery status.
3. Solve the delivery issue on time. In case of delivery issues, tracking information helps sellers address problems more efficiently. And you can work with Shopee Xpress customer service to resolve the delivery issue.
4. Seller protection. Shopee Express tracking offers sellers a layer of protection in case of disputes or claims related to delivery. In case of any misunderstandings or disputes regarding order delivery, sellers can rely on the tracking information to provide evidence of the shipment's progress and delivery status.


How to Track Shopee Xpress Packages

For sellers, you can keep track of your Shopee Express shipments on the My Shipment > Shipping page of the seller center or Shopee APP. Here you can see all shipped packages, you can filter the order time and check the shipping details.

Another easier way is that you can use BigSeller to track all packages, and there are some parcel shipment status, for example, Not Found, In Transit, Delivered, Alert, Undelivered. With these statuses, you can check the abnormal packages easily. Then you can solve the package delivery issue immediately to avoid loss.

The third way is to go to Shopee Express logistics website to enter the tracking number to track your packages. Or you can contact and call Shopee Express customer service, the phone number is +603-2777 9222 or email to [email protected].



Now you know the importance of tracking your Shopee Xpress courier delivery, it can help you to solve the delivery issue on time and provide a great shopping experience to your buyers. Just keep tracking your Shopee Express shipment.