Expanding your business globally is an exciting opportunity for any e-commerce seller. Shopee offers a robust cross-border selling feature known as Shopee International Platform (SIP), which can help you sell overseas. If you want to be a cross-border seller on Shopee, this blog will help you.

Cross-border selling with Shopee International Platform SIP


How to set up cross-border business on Shopee?

We all know that Shopee supports cross-border business, and sellers in China have the right to sell to other countries. For sellers in Malaysia, you can’t sell to China, but you can sell to other countries with the Shopee International Platform (SIP). It can help Shopee sellers to expand business internationally at no additional cost or effect.


What is Shopee International Platform (SIP)?

Shopee International Platform is a feature provided by Shopee that allows sellers to expand their business and sell their products cross-border. Currently, SIP is serving Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Chile. It enables sellers to reach customers in multiple countries and regions, beyond their domestic market, and tap into new opportunities for growth.

Not all sellers can join the Shopee International Platforms to sell cross-border, Shopee will invite sellers to join SIP. You will get a push notification when Shopee invites you, then you can just click Yes. And Shopee will proceed to onboard sellers in 2 weeks.


Benefits for SIP sellers

1. Expanded market reach. Sellers can access a cross-border customer base by selling to customers in different countries and regions, enabling them to expand their business and increase sales potential.
2. Free cross-border logistics. Shopee International Platform provides assistance with cross-border logistics, including the shipping and delivery solutions. You only need to ship orders to Shopee warehouse like usual local orders, then Shopee will help to deliver to your customers.
3. Boost sales. It can help you get sales from cross-border buyers and boost sales. Also it can help you boost cash flow and minimize business risks through diversification of markets.
4. No additional cost or effect. When you have messages or orders from cross-border buyers, the SIP team will reach out to sellers via Shopee chat and ship your packages to your overseas buyers. It is totally free and you don’t need to pay additional charges.


How to process SIP orders?

Once an overseas buyer places an order, the seller will be informed and need to send the package to Shopee Malaysia Warehouse. You can treat SIP orders similar to the local orders.

Process cross-border orders of Shopee International Platform SIP

When the package arrives at the Shopee Malaysia warehouse, the package will be processed by Shopee and sent to the location of the overseas buyer. In case of any return/refund situation, Shopee will contact the buyer directly through local customer service support.



Expanding your business through cross-border selling with Shopee International Platform can help you open up a world of opportunities. With Shopee International Platform, you can seize the potential of cross-border selling and unlock remarkable growth for your e-commerce business.