Recently, many sellers posted that their Shopee stores have been suspended, and one of the common reasons is that listings violate Shopee policy. So, what are the Listing violations? Below are some details I collected, which I hope will be helpful to you.


Reasons for deleted products

①. Prohibited and Restricted Items Policy

Different marketplaces differ with restrictions and limitations, you can check them in Seller Center.

②. Violation listings

Violation listings includes Prohibited listings & IP infringement & counterfeit listings & Spam listings.

a. Prohibited listings includes prohibited listings, advertisement, switched listings and etc.

b. Spam listings are listings that include misleading information, which contains Duplicate Listings, Price Spam, Keyword / Brand Spam, Attribute / Category Spam, Junk / Vulgarity Spam.

Within the same platform, it is not allowed to list the same product in the same or different stores. Therefore, if sellers want to upload the same product in different shops, when you use BigSeller Copy Listings to quickly move the product to the other shops, must do some adjustments for titles and descriptions.

c. IP infringement and counterfeit listings
Unauthorized use of the existing brand or trademark.If you want to create your own brand, you can apply for a brand on Shopee


How to Solve?

Sellers can find banned/delisted/deleted products in BigSeller product list. However, do not upload it directly. Sellers should go to Seller Center > Product Violations page to check the specific reason. After reviewing and adjust, you can try to re-publish. Otherwise, repeated publishing may lead to store suspension.

Pay attention to the Notification in the Seller Center. If you receive a platform notification of product violation, you should rectify it promptly and remove the violating products as soon as possible.

When checking the listing, make sure you are using original images or texts (if using brand names, provide proof of authenticity). If infringement is detected, it is recommended to use the BigSeller bulk Edit to replace the infringing content.