Order cancellation can be roughly divided into three types: buyer cancellation, seller cancellation, and platform cancellation.


①. Seller Cancel:

The reason for the seller's cancellation, including but not limited to

  • Oversold, insufficient quantity to deliver;
  • The product priced incorrectly leads to loss;
  • The customer who placed the order has a bad transaction record (refuse parcel without reason/unreasonable return application)

The seller's cancellation is within the seller's control, so we must do our best to minimize the seller's cancellation rate.


②. Buyer Cancel:

There are various reasons for buyers to cancel, but once the seller arranges the order, he must obtain the seller's consent when the buyer wants to cancel. So it is very important to arrange the order in time and the seller has a better chance to realize the reasons for the cancellation with buyers:

  • Through communication with buyers, we can know if there are any deficiencies in our products, such as whether the pictures are clear enough, whether the description is appropriate, whether the price is competitive enough, etc., by collecting feedback from buyers, we can better optimize our product information;
  • Through communication with the buyer, if we find that the buyer's desire to cancel is not so strong, we can provide gifts and coupons to keep the order;
  • As long as you can effectively communicate with the buyer who wants to cancel, even if the deal this time failed, at least you will leave a good impression on the buyer and you may have a chance to make a deal next time.

③. The Platform Cancel:

Most of the reasons that platforms cancel the order are because the seller's delivery arrangement is not timely enough. BigSeller's Auto Pack function can help you partially, but for the offline packaging and delivery which needs sellers more effort.