According to the official data released by Shopee, in the first two hours of the first day of the 9.9 super shopping day, the volume on the platform increased 12 times compared to the previous period.

Among them, electronic products, clothing, accessories, home life, and beauty products continue to sell very well.

And now, as the 10.10 super shopping day is around the corner, many of the sellers can't wait to get into this new battle.

Here, we offer you three key ways to get a head start and be the final winner of the 10.10 Super Shopping Day!

① Make the Right Product Selection

Choosing the right product is the first and foremost foundation for e-commerce sellers to succeed.

For example, the Philippine region is known for its extraordinarily long Christmas period, which will last from September to December. So products with Christmas elements can be a good choice for sellers.

Furthermore, cost-effective and practical electronic products can also be a good choice, such as "Power Bank" and "Bluetooth headset".

Based on the data from 9.9 Super Shopping Day, people do have more enthusiasm for these products.

② Advertising and Discount

A good advertisement will give you more advantages for this special shopping day! Remember: Use the best material at the key point. Calculate your advertising costs and don't skimp, more exposure brings you more clients!

Also, as the low price is the most important factor in this campaign, make sure you set a reasonable discount!

③ Live Broadcast

Live streaming plays an increasingly important role in today's e-commerce business. More and more sellers as well as KOL personalities are joining the ranks of live broadcasting, setting off a live shopping craze.

Taking the 9.9 super shopping day as an example, on the day of the promotion, the cross-border live single volume rose 20 times compared to weekdays, showing its great potential.

So if sellers can take advantage of live broadcasts, it can be an X factor on this very day.