In the e-commerce industry, such as Shopee, there is a saying: The store depends on operation in three parts, and seven parts depend on product selection.

For a store, if the products are properly selected, it will be much easier to operate the store in the later stages, and the acquisition of traffic will be relatively easy.

Here are a few tips you can follow when making your Shopee product selections:

① Search in Shopee frontend

You can watch the front home page for a while to see which products sell best on Shopee's different sites; or if you want to make any product, you can go to the front page and do a search, then choose the best sellers and see how far most sellers can sell their products!

② Weekly Market Report

The weekly market report is based on the platform since this week. For sellers who want to understand the site's hot products, this is also a relatively intuitive information.

If you can find out the rules in this report, then the same product can be transported to other sites, and make a few hits!

③ Flash Sale

Shopee Foreground will have some limited-time sale activities at a specific time, which will show some of the products.

In the flash sale, you can see the latest activities and all kinds of hot products, which can be used as an important source of sellers to select products!

④ Refer to Lazada

As an excellent e-commerce platform, Lazada is also capable of catering to a large number of consumers as compared to Shopee. Therefore, we can go to the Lazada platform to observe which products are selling well and then put them in our store in a reasonable way.