Jacob is 28 years old this year. He lost his job a few years ago but now makes a good living by running his own Shopee store.

When talking about his experiences and feelings of the past few years, Jacob said running a Shopee store is the best choice he has ever made in his life. He also shared some insights on running Shopee.

Ⅰ. Adequate Market Research

Before settling in Shopee, he conducted a lot of market research, and many data indicators reported that Shopee's growth rate is amazing, especially in Southeast Asia. Shopee not only has a mature business but also has huge platform traffic.

In the subsequent operation process, he found that the Shopee also has a better planning path for the growth of novice sellers. Judging from the results, it also verified his initial judgment.

Ⅱ.Select Products Based on the Needs of the Target Market

According to market research, 3C electronic products have always been a popular category in e-commerce and play an important role in the global electronic product market. In this regard, he specifically chose a 6A wire product, which became a hit once it was launched, and store traffic also continued to increase.

Not only that, the Shopee account manager also instructed him to position his target consumer profile at male technology enthusiasts aged 18-35, and constantly improve the product.

In this way, within three months of joining Shopee, he tripled the order volume with a data cable product and maintained rapid growth.

Ⅲ. Excellent execution

As we all know, 3C product updates and iterations are extremely fast. If you want to do something well, it is not enough to have a good strategy, but also to have excellent executors.

His approach is to launch 3 to 4 new products every week, at least 2 new products a week, and at the same time use Shopee's official SLS logistics to improve timeliness. Win with speed and decisiveness.