Shopee announced that it will increase commission fees again on October 15 this year. The sales commission fees for non-mall sellers will increase from 4.28% to 5.35%.

Lazada will increase commission fees for consumer goods, fashion products, and general products on its LazMall market from 6% to 7% on October 1, while commission fees for electronic products will increase from 4% to 5%.

In April this year, Shopee and Lazada also announced increases in commission fees and platform service fees.

Shopee stated that the commission rate for all non-mall merchants will increase from 2.14% to 4.28% in the following three product categories: all fashion categories except jewelry; non-jewelry; and non-gold and platinum precious jewelry.

The commission rates for other electronic products, gold jewelry, platinum and gold jewelry, and consumer goods increased from 2.14% to 3.21%.

Lazada announced that the service fee for all products on the platform has increased from the original 2.14% (including 7% value-added tax) to 3.21-4.28%. The specific rate depends on the product category sold by the merchant.

After April 1, 2023, other fashion categories (except jewelry) will charge the highest handling fee of 4.28%, which is twice the previous 2.14%.

For other categories such as digital products, electronic products, consumer goods, groceries, fashion accessories, precious jewelry, jewelry for investment, platinum, and gold, merchants need to pay a handling fee of 3.21%.

It is worth mentioning that the Shopee Philippines site also adjusted the commission rates for overseas warehouses and 3PF mall stores (fast-moving consumer goods) on July 16 this year.

FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) mall seller commission rate is adjusted from 4.48% to 5.60%. Rates for other categories remain unchanged. The commission rate for sellers in the Electronic (electronics) mall is 3.36%; the commission rate for sellers in the Fashion (fashion) mall is 6.72%; and the commission rate for sellers in the Lifestyle (lifestyle) mall is 6.72%.