Customer reviews are important for the online business, it comes first during the information phase for customers. No one likes negative reviews, because it will affect your sales and other customers may not purchase from your online store if there are too many negative reviews.


Why is dealing with negative reviews important?

Online reviews currently become your reputation, it is vital for online shops. More positive reviews can help you get noticed, lead to more sales, and convince customers to purchase from your store. 

If you get more negative reviews, the customers may not believe your products and they will not purchase from your shop. And dealing with negative reviews can help you build trust with your customers. The customers may change their mind if you deal well with these bad reviews and you can get more loyal customers and boost sales.


Tips to deal with negative reviews

When you get negative reviews, you can’t ignore it or get angry. What you need to do is to recognize what happened with this order process and find ways to deal with these bad reviews. There are 6 tips that may help you to deal with negative reviews.

1. Recognize it

Not trying to hide your negative reviews, it is not helpful to ignore or hide the bad reviews. What you need to do firstly is check the reviews and recognize why your customer leaves a negative review. 

You can try to stand in the perspective of your customer and understand the problem they meet. Only after you better recognize the problem, you can know how to contact your customer and solve this problem.


2. Respond quickly

Customers want quick feedback on reviews, it is important to respond to your reviews quickly, especially the negative ones. 

You need to check if there are negative reviews left in your stores every now and then, then you can find the bad reviews and respond to them on time. In this way, you can deal with problems for your customers soon when they have problems, and it can help you have a good business reputation and dispel customers’ doubts. 


3. Apologize firstly

When you get negative reviews, apologize firstly, even if you know it is not your fault. Apologizing to your customers instead of arguing with them can reassure them firstly, then you can discuss the problem. 

Before you communicate with your customers, you can reply to their reviews firstly, you should be grateful for any kind of reviews, because it can show you the error or weakness of your company. ‘Thanks for your feedback and I'm really for this ’ is an important part of a well-formulated response. 


4. Take communications privately

You should always respond to reviews. However, for involved issues involving specific transactions, it's best to resolve the issue privately. You also have to consider the customer's privacy. 

For Shopee and Lazada customers, you can send messages to them directly, but not argue with them when replying to their reviews. 


5. Take responsibility

The last thing you need to do is take responsibility if it is indeed your fault. After contacting your customer and recognizing the problem, you need to find ways to compensate your buyers due to your own fault. 

If the item sent is totally not working, you can try to send another one to your customers. If you send the wrong size/color item, you can bear the shipping fee and change to the correct one to our customer. If the reason for the negative reviews is logistic, you can respond that you will give feedback to the logistic company and ask them to improve this.


6. Report fake reviews

In some cases, the customers give the wrong feedback and reviews. Sometimes they just want to get a refund even if there is no problem with the items, or maybe they are unethical competitors and they just want to attack your online business.

For this issue, what you need to do is report this fake review to the marketplace, then the marketplace will delete this fake review after verifying.



Reviews are important to your online business, positive reviews can help you build trust with your customers and get more sales. However, the negative reviews may damage your online shops and affect your sales. Therefore, dealing with negative reviews is vital for all online sellers.