It is reported that the e-commerce platform "Temu" has entered Malaysia. This is its second site in the Southeast Asian market. The first one was the Philippines, which was just launched at the end of August.

According to the official website, Temu, which has just entered the market, still introduces very attractive ways to attract customers, such as free shipping, support for returns within 90 days, large coupons, etc. Of course, there are also a variety of cost-effective products that are indispensable.

Although Malaysia has only a population of 34 million, its per capita GDP has reached US$12,000 in 2022, which is comparable to China. It is second only to Singapore in the Southeast Asian market and is a very attractive market.

As for Temu's landing in the Philippines and its layout in the Southeast Asian market, it triggered a big discussion among sellers:

Some people are happy and feel that the current Southeast Asian market needs "catfish" like Temu to stir up the market; some are worried that the profits of products and stores will decline again.

It is not only the sellers who feel nervous but also the platforms. According to the report, some Shopee executives immediately chose to resign after hearing about Temu's entry;

Lazada also attaches great importance to Temu. The report quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that "Jiang Fan" has been meeting for more than 20 consecutive days to discuss the implementation of low-price channels.