Being able to search for products is a big traffic portal for sellers. If they cannot be found, they will lose the opportunity to display and thus lose orders. So if the search cannot be found, what are the main reasons?

1. System problems
If you were able to search for your products before, but suddenly it doesn’t work, you can check to see if other sellers around you have the same situation; if so, it may be a system problem, and you just need to wait for recovery.

2. Wrong product category selection
For consumers to perform simpler operations when selecting products, the Shopee platform requires merchants to fill in the product category when uploading products. If the merchant fills in the category incorrectly, the platform will directly remove the product from the shelves, so no matter how consumers search, they cannot find it.

3. Store violations
If your store violates regulations, the Shopee platform will remove illegal products, deduct points, block products, and other penalties.

For example, if your Shopee store deducts points up to 6/9/12/15 points, it will not appear on the browsing page and search results page within 28 days from the date when the point deduction point is reached. In other words, If your product is hidden, buyers will not be able to search it through the front desk. It will only be automatically restored when the violation penalty expires.

Generally, Shopee has common reasons for deducting points for violations, such as late shipment rate/uncompleted order rate, product listing violations, improper customer service language, too many pre-sale products, etc. Therefore, everyone should be aware of the Shopee platform rules to avoid affecting product display due to violations.

4. Illegal products
The Shopee platform will stipulate what kinds of products are illegal products. Generally, shopee products such as some internally charged products, liquids, offensive products, small household batteries, etc. are illegal products. At the same time, products in different regions Illegal products are different, so when choosing a site, merchants need to know what kind of products on the site are illegal products.

5. Product review
It does not mean that after uploading products to the Shopee store, they can be displayed immediately in the store and on the front end. For some products with illegal titles or incorrect classifications, Shopee will review them first. The specific review time shall be subject to Shopee. Then at this time, your products in the store cannot be searched. You can only try them after the products pass the review.

6. Products are hidden by the platform or turned on vacation mode

If for some reason, the products in the merchant's store are hidden by the platform, and the platform will not notify the merchant of the hidden products, in this case, consumers will not be able to search for the product, and the product will not be displayed anywhere.

And only the merchant can see it in the background. Or it may be that at a certain period, merchants who want to take a vacation will turn on the shopee's vacation mode. Once this function is turned on, all products in the store will not be searchable.

7. Duplicate listing of products
To increase store traffic and clicks, some merchants will insist on launching new products every day, but there will be a phenomenon of repeated listing of a product. Repeated listing of products will not only affect consumers' browsing and experience, but also the Shopee platform will also Duplicate products will be removed from the shelves, and the newly launched products will not be searchable.

8. Network problems
It may also be caused by network issues. You can reconnect to the network to see if the product can be searched. If the seller has tried all the above methods but the product still cannot be displayed, he should consult customer service in time to learn the details.

Generally, the reasons why Shopee products cannot be searched are the above reasons. Everyone should also pay attention when optimizing product titles. You must choose accurate keywords with less competition to get better traffic and conversions, thereby improving your own. performance.

If the product is hidden, there will be no message reminder from Shopee, so everyone should check whether their products can be searched from the front desk to ensure that the products are displayed normally; especially in cases of violation penalties, serious cases may lead to store closures. , generally, few sellers can restore their accounts through appeals, so everyone must operate Shopee stores in compliance.