With the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, more and more sellers choose to open stores on Lazada.

However, for sellers who are not familiar with the platform, it may be difficult to understand Lazada's delivery site. Therefore, here, we will introduce you to some relevant information about the Lazada delivery site, and tell you which site is better.

First of all, according to Lazada's official news, there are currently more than 10 official delivery sites covering the entire Southeast Asia region. Among them, Malaysia and the Philippines have the most sites, while Singapore and Thailand have relatively few. Sellers can choose based on location, product type, target customers, and other factors.

Secondly, sellers also need to consider factors such as logistics services, prices, and timeliness of each site. For example, some sites may provide cheaper shipping costs, but the delivery time may be longer; while other sites may provide faster, high-quality logistics services, but the corresponding shipping costs will be relatively high.

It is recommended that sellers choose a delivery site with a good reputation and reputation. This can ensure safety and stability during logistics and transportation, while also providing better after-sales service and user experience. It is very important to choose the Lazada delivery site that suits you.

Next, let me tell you about the introduction of each site:

1. Malaysian station: As the first station where Lazada currently opens a store, it has the largest number of sellers and competition is relatively high; however, sellers have a relatively high consumption level and can place orders quickly. If there are blue ocean products, go for them. It is also easier for Lazada to open a store in Malay Station.

2. Philippines Station: Lazada is the largest and most popular e-commerce platform in the Philippines. At present, it is mainly small and medium-sized enterprises with relatively high order quantities. Filipino consumers are mainly young people and women, so you can open a store based on their consumption habits.

3. Singapore Station: Singapore is a developed country in Southeast Asia and Lazada’s consumption level is also the highest among all countries. Singaporeans prefer Lazada for home life and some groceries. If there is a relevant supply, you can choose the Singapore station.

4. Indonesia station: Indonesia has been the fastest-growing country in the past two years and the largest e-commerce consumer in Southeast Asia. It has relatively complete e-commerce specifications and a relatively high order conversion rate. Bracelets, necklaces, and smartphones are products in high demand in Indonesia.

5. Thailand station: The sales volume of fashionable clothing in Thailand station is relatively high, which is mainly related to the consumption habits of buyers. You can learn about product trends through third-party social platforms. Those who have a relevant supply of goods can choose Lazada Thailand station.

6. Vietnam Station: Vietnam Station is one of Lazada’s fastest-growing websites in all countries, and buyers are mainly from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Consumers in Vietnam are more interested in branded products, so the sales volume of branded products is much higher than that of other products. Therefore, if there is a brand, they can choose to do a Vietnam station in the future.