According to Philippine media sources, to curb the proliferation of online buying and selling scams, Lazada has begun to cooperate with stakeholders, government agencies, and brands to combat illegal transactions.

In a statement released on Monday, Lazada said it has put in place policies and measures, including algorithms and systems, and assigned dedicated teams to "identify any listings that may be deemed illegal."

The platform also has a reporting mechanism to review the concerns of buyers and sellers, as well as a brand infringement reporting channel called Intellectual Property Protection, where rights holders can submit any suspected infringement and receive Lazada’s reply.

“We recognize that the fight against counterfeiting continues, especially as malicious agents’ tactics continue to evolve to evade law enforcement, which is why we work closely with relevant stakeholders including brands, sellers, government agencies, and regulators, and Establish productive partnerships to identify and address issues related to illicit trade and intellectual property protection.”

"We employ AI-generated scanning and removal actions to proactively identify and remove listings that violate our intellectual property policies or infringe the rights of others, and we have been proactive in taking down banned items and have taken reliable measures," Lazada spokesman added.

In addition to this, Lazada also became the first platform in Southeast Asia in March 2021 to negotiate with the Philippine Intellectual Property Office "to establish a stronger industry-wide coordination mechanism and code of conduct for online markets."