It is reported that Philippine National Security Advisor "Eduardo Año" recently said that if TikTok is proven to be used by China for espionage and cyber attacks, the Philippines may completely ban TikTok.

"These apps come from China, so it also has the potential to capture users' browsing habits and sensitive personal data," Año said in the statement. "If there is enough evidence that China is using the app to conduct cyber attacks against the Philippines, I will not hesitate to do so." Hesitantly recommending a blanket ban on the app."

But he also added: "Please don't panic too much. We have not completely banned TikTok. We need to ask security experts and government agencies. If there is any progress, we will make adjustments and announce them."

It is reported that after Indonesia took action to ban TikTok Shop some time ago, many countries in Southeast Asia have also tightened their control over TikTok. Countries such as Malaysia have also begun to investigate the safety and commerciality of TikTok, and now the Philippines is gradually joining in. After its brief glory in Southeast Asia, TikTok is facing huge challenges from the government level.