There are many online selling marketplaces in Malaysia, for example, Shopee, Lazada, TikTok Shop, you can choose the right one among them. Before you start selling, you need to understand the marketplace seller fees and then come to the right decision to choose. There are a few types of seller fees you need to know before selling on Lazada Malaysia, though it is totally free to list products. In this article, I will tell you Lazada seller fees.


Initial deposits and upfront fees

Lazada doesn’t charge any initial deposits and upfront fees. It is totally free to register a new seller account, list products, and get started your online business.


Commission fees

Same as other marketplaces, Lazada also charges a commission on each sale you make. Lazada posted a notification in April 2022, Lazada charges sellers a 1% commission on all delivered orders. 

To help new sellers, Lazada doesn’t charge commissions for the first 90 days on Lazada. Besides, the commission fee is subject to SST at a prevailing rate of 6%. Therefore, the commission fee is calculated with this formula:
Commission fee = Commission rate x (Item price - Seller promotions) + 6% SST

For example, the item price is RM110 and seller promotion is RM10, then the commission fee is 1.06.

The new marketplace commission rate will be effective 14th April 2022. But it will not affect the existing commission fees paid by LazMall sellers. For LazMall sellers, the commission rate varies for different categories, and the range is from 3% to 5%.


Payment fee

After you register a Lazada seller account, you need to add and verify your bank account, then you can get paid on Lazada. You need to pay a payment service fee of 2%, it is based on the unit price of your product and shipping fee. Besides, the payment fee is subject to 6% SST.

All sellers will be paid on a weekly basis, the payment service fee is calculated with this formula:
Payment fee = 2% x (Item price - Seller promotions + customer paid shipping fees) + 6% SST

For example, the item price is RM100, the seller promotions is RM10, customer paid shipping fee is RM10, then the payment fee is RM2.12.



You can check Lazada seller fees for each order in the Lazada seller center, then you can know how much commission fees, payment fees or other fees you are charged. You need to understand the fees before you start selling on Lazada, hope this article can help you know more about Lazada.