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About BigSeller

  • Deliver state-of-the-art eCommerce solutions to Southeast Asia sellers
  • Provide multiple product management tools to improve efficiency
  • Help you keep track of every order from the very first click to the moment your customer receives your products
  • Centralized inventory across multiple channels, ensuring the accuracy of sellable stock, and preventing overselling and underselling
  • Keep track of product, inventory and store performance, and unleash the potential of your online sales


  • Scrape & Copy Products

    Scrape and copy product listings to your shops with one click

    Scrape Listings: you can scrape product information from other marketplaces and stores and import them into your store
    Copy Listings: you can copy listings in bulk from one marketplace or store to another marketplace or store

  • Batch Order Processing

    Centralize orders across multiple sales channels, streamline order fulfillment process

    Support packing orders, printing shipping labels at high speed, managing returned items, and tracking packages

  • Customized Shipping Label

    Support customizing your shipping label template

    You can customize the template of shipping labels and picking lists according to your need

  • Sync Inventory

    Automate stock update in real-time, no more overselling

    Support managing the inventory of multiple warehouses and marketplaces. The system will intelligently deduct the stock when orders are shipped. Sound purchase suggestions are provided to prevent products from overselling

  • Automated Operations

    Auto reply to reviews, auto boost Shopee products every 4 hours, and auto publish products according to the scheduled slot

    Auto Reply: after you set up auto-reply rules, the system will automatically reply to the reviews of buyers
    Auto Boost: Only Shopee available. The selected products will be auto bumped by the system every four hours
    Auto Publishing: you can schedule products to be scheduled at a specific date and time

  • Watermark Template

    Customize your watermark templates and apply them to the product images

    Product Image Watermark: you can save multiple watermark templates and add them to product images in bulk
    Marketing Watermark: you can save multiple marketing watermark templates and add them to the promotional products with one click

  • Advanced Report and Analysis

    Help you to get real-time insights into your online marketing and sales activities and gives you an advantage over competitors

    Advanced Reports: various kinds of data reports, including business reports, invoice reports, and shipping reports, are generated for you to gain insight into your current business performance

  • Smart Scan Mobile App

    Scan the shipping label and automatically identify the order. Take and send captured photos to the buyers

    Package Tracking: 17 Track is integrated with BigSeller to track packages and provide you with the latest logistics information

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  • BigSeller adalah sistem yang hebat dengan banyak alat untuk membantu penjual mengelola toko-tokonya. Saat saya mengalami masalah, respon CS sangat baik

    – Arif

  • It must be said that I could not have coped with the orders without BigSeller. All orders come in to one central database. Without BigSeller, I am sure I would have had to employ at least an extra person if not 2

    – Sally Joy

  • Fitur scrape BigSeller sangat berguna dan hemat waktu. Dengan BigSeller, tidak perlu download excel untuk edit produk, karena bisa mass edit dan upload ke marketplace

    – Sudaryanto

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