Refined Management of Inventory and Purchase Help You Manage Inventory In Real-time

  • Invoicing process and inventory management

    Monitor fully the inventory and manage it scientifically,and provide information support to all parts of the inventory management

  • Real-time inventory push to all platforms

    Sync actual warehouse inventory to all online stores in real time,and lock the inventory reserved for promotion timely to prevent overselling!

  • Standard Packing and Shipping Process in Warehouse

    Support Wave Shipment,intelligently organize the same types of orders,and reasonably plan the picking route,thus improving the efficiency of packing and shipping in the warehouse

  • Efficient Purchase Suggestion

    Generate intelligently purchase suggestions according to the multi-dimensional data,and stock up scientifically. Sophisticated management of purchase and receiving process to reduce out of stock rate!

BigSeller Provides Service to You in 6 Days x 12 Hours

  • Customer Service

    Provide online customer service in 6 days x 12 hours

  • Local Implementation Team

    Local team can provide on-site training services

  • Help Center

    Systematic tutorial articles and videos are provided in Help Center (

  • Training Service

    Provide online and offline training

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