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Omnichannel = More Sales + More Clients

Revenue will be boundless as you can sell products in different channels,including e-commerce platforms,offline stores,and websites.

What Problems Will Omnichannel Exploration Encounter?

  • Slow Product Publishing

    Waste a large amount of time in editing and publishing products repeatedly when selling in multiple platforms

  • Hard to Manage Inventory

    Inventory in platforms is not in sync and is difficult to manage,thus running into a high risk of overselling

  • Inefficient Order Processing

    Need to switch to different platforms to process orders,thus packing and shipping inefficiently

  • Scattered Sales Data

    Need to switch to different platforms to process orders,thus packing and shipping inefficiently

BigSeller Integrates Multiple Sales Channels and Helps You Put One-stop Management into Practice

  • Unified Management of Multiple Sales Channels

    Manage stores from 10+ Southeast Asian mainstream platforms

  • Manage Products Easily

    Sync omnichannel products with one click,edit products in bulk,schedule products to be published,and copy listings to other channels

  • Efficient Order Processing

    Automatically sync the latest orders,unified management of orders from multiple sales channels,and provides a variety of custom tools

  • Centralized Inventory Management

    Make sure the accuracy of the inventory in all sale channels to prevent being oversold and unsalable

  • Intelligent Analysis of Products,Orders,and Inventory

    Track product trends,store performance,and inventory to help you gain insight into customer behavior and make sound business decision

BigSeller Helps You Save Time and Labor,and Improve Efficiency and Revenue!

  • One-stop management of products and orders from multiple platforms and stores to help you save 50% labor and time

  • Inventory is synced to different channels with one click to prevent overselling

  • Publishing products in multiple channels helps you increase brand exposure,and real-time data reports help you make sound business decision

BigSeller Provides Service to You in 6 Days x 12 Hours

  • Customer Service

    Provide online customer service in 6 days x 12 hours

  • Local Implementation Team

    Local team can provide on-site training services

  • Help Center

    Systematic tutorial articles and videos are provided in Help Center (help.bigseller.com)

  • Training Service

    Provide online and offline training

How to Integrate and Manage Multiple Channels With BigSeller

Make Your Business More Efficiently

Less Time, More Orders, Higher Profits